One Singer. Thousand Memories . . .

The Legendary Mrs. Arati Mukherjee is a Famous Playback Singer who has played an irreplaceable role in the Indian Musical Industry. Her songs are forever immortalized and praised by people all over the world. She has won numerous awards and achievements throughout her career.

Mrs. Arati Mukherjee was born in the year of 1945 in the city of joy, Known to us as ‘Kolkata’. Her father was Late Shri Manoranjan Mukherjee and her Mother was Late Shrimati Prabhabati Mukherjee. From an early age she had the passion and dream of becoming one of the best singers out there. Her dream was to go to Bombay and make a name for herself in the Music Industry. She attended The Dumdum Motijhil School when she has young. She was a very bright student, she kept her studies and passion for music balanced, from a young age she was influenced by the intricacies of various songs sung by different artists.

She made up her mind to train under the best and learn whatever she could in order to pursue her dreams. She trained under various ‘Sangeet Gurus’ such as , Shri Susheel Banerjee , Utaad Mohammed Sagiruddin Khan,Pandit Chinmoy Lahiri, Pandit Laxman Prasad Jaipurwale, Pandit Ramesh Nadkarni and Ustad Bahadur Khan. She attained in-depth knowledge of ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ under the tutorage of Debabrata Biswas. In order to further hone skills, she joined her first song school, ‘Basanti Vidyabithi’. Her first stage appearance was in “All India Murphy Metro Singing Contest” in the year 1957 when she was just a young teenager. Even at that age she impressed the judges and entertained the audience. Since then, she knew that she was on her path to reaching her destiny.

Mrs. Arati Mukherjee began her transcendent journey in films giving as beautiful voice to the songs of “Mamlar Fol”, a Bengali film in 1956 and in the Hindi fim, “Angulimal”. Her first reward for her amazing vocal talent and dedication was rewarded through her first award when she won first prize in the All-India Murphy Metro Music contest held in Mumbai in 1957, when she was still in school.

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